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It's not about a congregation. It's not about a denomination. It's about the individual believer being intentional, taking up the mantle of kingdom.


BLESS Philly is a movement activating believers throughout Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia area. Our mandate is to change the spiritual climate of Philadelphia by following Jesus’ model in Luke Chapter 10. In this model, Jesus commissioned believers to go ahead of him into every town he was about to visit to declare peace and to BLESS.

It’s not about a congregation, denomination, or organization, but rather being intentional about walking through life as a carrier of light.  By embracing the power of His Presence when two or three believers come together in His name we activate a move to BLESS.

 We're blessing every person we meet, every door we cross and every road we drive. At home, at work, in-transit -- the spaces life brings you to are spheres where you have the authority and opportunity to BLESS in His name. We should never forget what God told Abraham,  “We are blessed to be a blessing”. It’s a statement that’s relevant even now and the charge is simple, BLESS Philly.


We're every color.

We're every denomination.

We're in every neighborhood.

We represent every socioeconomic class.

We represent every culture.

We ALL believe in Jesus.

We ALL represent His kingdom.

And we're ALL about our Father's work.

Join us to BLESS Philly.



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