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Intentionally bless wherever you go.


We're blessed to be a blessing. "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change." (James 1:17).


Be creative! The list doesn't stop here! How can you bless every person you meet? Every organization you engage? Every place you explore?

At Work

Whether you work from a cubicle, your living room, or your car -- your workplace is a sphere where you have authority. Find a way to bless!

  1. Ask your boss what more you can do to help

  2. Bring a treat for your coworkers

  3. Share your faith

  4. Be positive and grateful – don’t be the complaining one

  5. Stop the gossip

  6. Thank your boss or coworkers

  7. Be willing to lend a helping hand

  8. Go the extra mile


Where do you spend your time? Are you a part of an organizations? 

  1. Smile at everyone.

  2. Invite someone who lives alone to socialize.

  3. Notice that someone is missing and check on them.

  4. Volunteer.

  5. Pay the toll for the person behind you.

  6. Clean your block.

  7. Put extra change in the parking meter.

  8. Leave a generous tip.

  9. Hold the door for someone else.

  10. Say thank you, everywhere you go.

  11. Donate blood.

  12. When you're running an errand, pick up supplies for someone else.

At Home

The light that shines the brightest shines farthest at home. How can you be a blessing to your family? Be creative!

  1. Clean up after a meal. Even when it's not your turn.

  2. Be graceful when you have a right to criticize.

  3. Honor someone who doesn’t have a track record of being honorable.

  4. Leave a surprise note on the bathroom mirror.

  5. Deliver a family member breakfast in bed.

  6. Say “I Love You” without an agenda.

  7. Watch their favorite show with them.

  8. Bake someone a special treat.

  9. Bring someone flowers.

  10. Let others borrow your things. 


On the train, while you're driving -- even while you're waiting in line are all opportunities to bless.

  1. Release a prayer to cover a highway, the drivers, or the neighborhoods it connects.

  2. Release a blessing over the houses as you walk around the block.

  3. Bless service personnel & shoppers while you're in the line at a store.

  4. Encourage service personnel & essential workers as you ride buses, shop, or visit medical facilities.

  5. Release peace.



Are you a business owner? What business do you frequent?

  1. Leave your employees an encouraging note.

  2. Find a few business owners in your spheres and cover them in prayer.

  3. Choose an industry sector for targeted prayer.

  4. Refer customers.

  5. Take the time to write honest heartfelt reviews.

Sometimes the greatest blessings come from people we don't know. How can you be a blessing to a random person you meet?

  1. Be tech support to a technologically challenged person.

  2. Gift someone a book that blessed you.

  3. Take the opportunity to acknowledge everyone you see– say hello, ask how they are , LISTEN and speak life.

  4. Show people they are significant – remember names, worries, and other things about them.

  5. Be intentional about regularly connecting with someone who lives alone.

  6. Ask for prayer requests – even from people you don’t know.

  7. Give a stranger a sincere compliment.

  8. When you hear a lie, speak God’s truth with love AND GRACE.

  9. Thank all the support workers that make your life work (delivery people, cashiers, trash men, postal workers)

  10. Leave blessings & affirmations or scriptures in random places to bless whoever finds them.

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