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Will You Answer the Call to BLESS?

Just over three centuries ago, a man of faith founded a city named for unity, peace, and brotherly love.

Philadelphia. The first capital of a nation created in the pursuit of freedom.

To be free. To be unified. To abound in love.

Three hundred thirty-nine years later…

Twenty-three percent of our city lives in poverty

The homicide rate is up 36% from last year

Suicide & overdose rates are climbing

And the education of many of our children was left behind as the pandemic exposed financial disparities amongst households.

We’re in a persistent struggle of discord and division, across races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and culture lines.

Every one of these issues is real. Every one of these issues carries debilitating consequences. Yet, every one of these issues has a clear, distinct solution. Jesus.

Not one of those issues is too big for God. When He said “thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. His word still stands true.

It’s time to release Philadelphia from the stranglehold of darkness and declare light.

It’s time to BLESS.

We have a dream of releasing a shockwave of blessing across Philadelphia.

That the bonds of addiction will be broken and instead of craving drugs people will year to be closer to our Heavenly Father.

That people weighed down by the spirit of suicide would be filled with hope and a zest for life.

That racism, hate and fear would be transformed into understanding, compassion, and confidence; in the never-ending, everlasting love comes from the Father.

That poverty and lack would give way to abundance, favor and a culture of generosity as people acknowledge that all good and perfect gifts come from above.

We have a dream. TO BLESS.
To BLESS without acknowledgement or accolade.
To BLESS not based on what we feel like doing but what God has led us to do.
To BLESS the forgotten and the abandoned.
To BLESS not to be seen but to serve.

Because our Heavenly Father gave us the greatest Blessing of all....His Son.

And we’re blessed to be a blessing.

Join us. BLESS Philly.

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