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It's an open invitation. Join us.


We're every color.

We're every denomination.

We're in every neighborhood.

We represent every socioeconomic class.

We represent every culture.

We ALL believe in Jesus.

We ALL represent His kingdom.

And we're ALL about our Father's work.

Join us to BLESS Philly.

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Although BlessPhilly was initiated by Christ Community Church of Philadelphia, led by Pastor Terry Davis, it is not a solo campaign. We are calling all Christians in Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia area to unite to bring the light and love of Heaven wherever they are. 

Imagine if you knew the Christians that lived on your street, or worked at your job. What glorious power could be released to change the climate in that neighborhood, that company, or that school. When you go out to eat with your Christian family members or friends...BLESS. When you see or hear of a dark situation throughout any of the Philadelphia counties...BLESS! Jesus said that 2 or 3 of His representatives coming together can make a difference.  

Blessing doesn’t mean agreeing with wrong or supporting darkness. On the contrary! Just like God spoke light in the darkness we speak, pray and declare light. We follow the example of our King Jesus “Who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed…”. 

This Kingdom lifestyle has already been modeled in Luke chapter 4. The result was Jesus saying that He saw the dark force hovering over the city “fall like lightning”. 

Therefore we are calling on every Christian to connect with at least 1 or more believer in Jesus, and Bless Philadelphia.  When we release BLESSINGS over every person, every home and place, it will affect our neighborhoods, towns, cities and states. We will then be declaring with authority GOD BLESS AMERICA!! But it starts with BlessPhilly. 

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